Rewarded Video Offers: Best Practices


When it comes to rewarded video offers, it’s easy to see the benefits. It’s truly a win-win scenario; increased offer views for you (making you more revenue!), and a reward for players to enjoy. However, most games don’t have rewarded offers integrated strategically and miss the full potential of its benefits. Rewarded offer buttons idly sit in shop menus, just waiting for users to notice them. Well not any more! With these four tips, you can level up your rewarded video offers and start earing more revenue!

    Integrate Rewarded Offers into the Flow of Your Game

    If you’re showing non-rewarded videos, there’s a great chance those areas in your game are also a candidate for rewarded offers. By integrating rewarded offers into the flow of the game, more players will interact with them. This leads to more players earning the reward, and ultimately a better understanding of why your rewards are valuable.

      Skip the Ask

      We’ve seen many games feature non-rewarded videos during menu transitions, so why should rewarded videos be treated any different? Instead of prompting users with a pop-up asking if they’d like to earn free stuff for watching a video, just show the video and reward them anyway. Earning the reward at the end can be a delightful surprise for players, and getting your premium rewards into their hands allows for deeper level progression.

        Choosing the Right Reward

        When settling on what to use as a reward, there are a few things to consider. Explore the frequency of your rewarded video offer, and learn what players would consider enticing. Premium currencies are a solid choice, and so are the ‘hard to obtain’ in-game items.

          Use Segments to Your Advantage

          Target specific player segments in order to increase the frequency at which rewarded offers are viewed, therefore increasing your monetization. Use different offer setups across unique player segments to control who can see rewarded video offers, the frequency they see them at, and the reward earned. You may decide that long time players with low spending habits are more willing to use rewarded video to progress through the game.

            Rewarded video offers can be an added source of revenue, but be mindful to properly integrate them into your game. Follow these four steps that are industry best practices, and start earning more revenue today. For any questions, or to get started with rewarded video offers, contact our Publisher Growth team.

            Nelson Pavao
            Gamer, from Atari to Oculus and beyond.