Fuse Powered Has Been Acquired By Upsight


Every organization has its story. Thank you for being a part of ours.

    I am thrilled to announce that today Fuse Powered has been acquired by Upsight, the world’s largest independent enterprise analytics and marketing automation platform for mobile apps. Fuse has always been about making our publishers more money with less hassle, and joining forces with Upsight allows us to continue to deliver these capabilities to even more of the world’s best publishers. The combined solution, operated under the Upsight brand, becomes the mobile industry’s most comprehensive user lifecycle management platform. Upsight is now the one platform to replace all the fragmented options on the market to truly maximize user lifetime value. Mobile app businesses can now optimize for both IAP and advertising revenue for their entire user lifecycle, by combining deep analytics, real-time segmentation, marketing automation and a fully managed ad mediation solution. The result is the ability to deliver unique user experiences optimized for overall revenue, all with one SDK.

    Looking ahead, we’re already hitting the ground running and excited for what will certainly be a busy year. I want to take a moment to reflect on the last few years here at Fuse. We’ve achieved incredible growth and success in the mobile industry, and I want to thank our investors, partners and customers for their continued support, and for joining us for the ride. I also want to thank the amazing team at Fuse who have worked very hard to build our business and drive our success.

    On a personal note, I met Josh and Andy, the two leaders of Upsight, a few years ago. I was immediately impressed with their passion for the industry, their experience and their character. They deeply value their customers and have worked hard to build long-term relationships to help their partners succeed, just like we have at Fuse. Our vision for how the industry would mature and what was missing to drive growth was identical. I’ve learned that timing is everything in an industry like ours, and the timing was perfect to combine our solutions. Together we have incredible scale, a world-class team and the most advanced product on the market. Most importantly, I get to work closely with more amazing people to keep doing what we all love to do, only even bigger and better.

    I’m very proud to join the Upsight team and can’t wait for you to be a part of our next chapter.

    For more information, please read the Press Release and follow us @GetUpsight.



    Jon Walsh
    President of Upsight, former CEO of Fuse, father, husband, entrepreneur, lover of fine wines.