Case Study: AdRally Boosts Global eCPM Over 20%


    The Ad Optimization team at Fuse Powered is exceptionally talented and focuses on driving maximum results for each account they work on. This week, we are highlighting one of their accomplishments – just another day in the life of this dynamic team!

      Please note, the partner mentioned in today’s feature will remain anonymous.

        Our partner wanted to leverage rewarded video as a new revenue stream in their new hit game and had two choices: manual mediation or a fully managed ad optimization solution. They had previously experimented with manual mediation and were frustrated. They experienced the daunting task of having to manually optimize each direct ad network and were turned off by the amount of work and time required, and, ultimately, the number of in-house resources who had to manage multiple adapters. The solution; our partner decided to give AdRally a shot.

          On October 30, 2015, AdRally was integrated into their game as a fully managed ad optimization service. The integration of AdRally’s single SDK meant our partner now had our powerhouse of premium ad networks working behind the scenes for them (including but not limited to, AppLovin, AdColony, Unity Ads, and HyprMX). Our partner didn’t have to delegate valuable resources to optimize every ad network in every country, every day; AdRally had them covered.
          Before AdRally, their self-serve mediation averaged just shy of $12 eCPM. After integrating AdRally, eCPMs jumped 20% and averaged nearly $14.50. This figure accounts for a global average eCPM at high fill rates, and averages three impressions per daily active user.

            With AdRally’s fully managed ad mediation solution, standout results were observed in two of the game’s largest player bases, US and China. In both countries, eCPMs climbed to $19, and in China, revenue increased over 50%.

              Overall, the client was thrilled with AdRally’s performance, and relived they could outsource their entire ad mediation management to the dedicated, results-oriented AdRally Ad Ops team.

              Diana Aquino
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