Mobile Gamers are Going Mobile Over the Holidays: 3 Ways to Take Advantage


    The holiday season is a crucial time for game developers. The influx of new devices hitting the market during this time brings with it new customers looking for new games to pass the time during the snowy days off at home. The holidays are also known for deep discounts as developers clamour over these new customers attempting to lure them into their ecosystem, hoping they’ll stay hooked well into the new year.

    To ensure that your game is prepared for the holidays, here are a few things we recommend:

      Offer an Effective Starter Bundle

      Starter bundles are a great way of introducing new players to what your game has to offer. They are very effective at helping convert non-spending players. There is nothing more effective than hooking your players early, and that’s exactly what your bundle should aim to accomplish.

        Segment Your Players

        The sooner you begin segmenting players, the sooner they can be treated to offers that are tailored to their experience. Effective segmentation can lead to long time players being offered more useful sales on items that they actually want. Segmenting your players early can help you understand where your players are at and what they really need to continue having fun.

          Keep a Close Eye

          As downloads increase, so does the strain on your game. Keep an eye on the incoming data to ensure your game is performing as expected. As session data accumulates, you may notice that small problems can turn into big ones quickly, especially for games that are newer to market. Be prepared to address any issues that may arise to keep your game, and its first impression, running as smoothly as possible.

          Nelson Pavao
          Gamer, from Atari to Oculus and beyond.