How to Create a Killer Holiday Sale Bundle


The holidays are here, and every year it proves to be one of the hottest seasons for free-to-play games. To get your games holiday ready, we’ve put together a few tips you can use to create killer holiday sale bundles for your players!

    Celebrate the Holiday Spirit

    There’s a festive spirit in the air no matter where you turn, so there’s no better opportunity to play up the holiday theme. Winter or snow themed items are great, as are specific holiday themed items such as festive coloured skins or decorations that will attract players in the jolly holiday mood.

      Offer Items That Players Actually Want

      Simply put, make sure the bundle contains things players actually want! You need to know what currencies, resources, and items are important to your players. Increase the effectiveness of your bundle by targeting specific segments of your player base. This allows you to tailor relevant bundles to important segments like new or veteran players. As well, new items in your store and exclusive holiday items are great candidates to be included in this bundle.

        Offer Deep Discounts on Valuable Items

        Discounts are expected, but what’s more important is the value of those items. Steep discounts are great, but if those items are not valuable to a player then the sale will be ineffective. It’s important to outline the unique benefits of your discounted items, such as showing how much faster a car is, or the damage bonus of a weapon. The more value that players see in your offers, the more likely they are to purchase them.

          Use a Countdown to Create Urgency

          An effective method to keep people checking back for the best bargains is to use the dynamic offer expiry feature. Keep your players on their toes by cycling in offers that expire such as “The 12 Days of Christmas” to countdown exclusive deals. Dynamic expiries create the sense of urgency, which encourages users to pull the trigger before it’s too late.

          Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your players!

          Nelson Pavao
          Gamer, from Atari to Oculus and beyond.