Catching Up With Get Set Games


      Our awesome neighbors in Toronto, Get Set Games, are a household name attributing their success to mega mobile hits like Mega Run, Mega Jump, Storm Casters (and many more). Their games are so fun and addicting; it goes without saying how awesome and talented their team is!

      I had the opportunity to interview Matt Coombe, Co-Founder of Get Set Games, and connect on their success of Storm Casters, why they chose AdRally when it came to ad monetization, and found out what’s next for Get Set.

        Diana: How did you get started with developing games?

        Matt: I’ve always been involved in art and design work and while working at an advertising agency in their creative group, I started modding Half-Life and Counter-Strike. This was back in 2001 and I was using tools that Valve had made available for free for modding their games. My brother (and co-founder at Get Set Games) and I both got heavily into level design and we began posting images of our levels on a Half-Life blog that was big at the time. Eventually some people at Valve saw our work and contracted us to complete a map for the official Counter-Strike map pack. We sold the map to Valve and then were offered jobs soon after with Gearbox Software to work on a sequel to Counter-Strike. The rest is history!

          Diana: What inspired you to create Storm Casters?

          Matt: I’ve always been a huge fan of twin stick shooters, most notably the classic arcade and SNES game Smash TV. Like many people, I also loved Zelda: A Link to the Past and thought that mixing a great dungeon adventure with arcade action gameplay would be a lot of fun. An original prototype of the game was actually developed at the Toronto Game Jam over the course of a weekend. We liked the prototype so much that we made a full game out of it! The original game design was quite a simple arcade game but the design evolved over time to include deep and complex dungeons, card collection, skill sets, familiars, and a lot more additional features.

            Diana: When it came to ad monetization, why did you choose Fuse and AdRally?

            Matt: We wanted a robust incentivised video monetization system that would be easy to integrate and relatively hands-off after launch. We really liked that AdRally would automatically optimize itself to ensure we are getting the best revenue from the highest paying ad providers and that it would all be handled by the Fuse backend. We’re really pleased with the performance so far and it’s clear we made the right choice.

              Diana: What trends are you seeing in the industry?

              Matt: The obvious one is that the market has matured and we’re entering a new phase of game development on mobile. The highest grossing games have been relatively the same for the last 3 years or so and there’s not a huge amount of change on the app stores. With the biggest games all relatively entrenched, we aren’t seeing too many big new games arriving on the scene to shake things up. It will be interesting to watch how indies like us adapt to the solidifying market and what new niches will be found to create success.

                Diana: What’s next for Get Set?

                Matt: Get Set is very excited about the future and the many opportunities that still exist in game development. We’re happy to have moved our production pipeline to the Unreal 4 Engine and we will use that solid technological foundation to build our best games yet. We’ve working on a couple of new mobile titles right now and we’re also looking into pursuing some opportunities in the PC and console space too!

                Check out the awesome line-up of Get Set games here.

                  Download Storm Casters on iOS now.

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