Dynamic Offer Expiry: Set Your IAP or Virtual Good Offers to Expire After a Set Time


A well-established method to boost the conversion of purchases is by adding a sense of urgency to the offer. Studies have shown that time pressure can be the deciding factor for an undecided buyer.

In addition to Fuse’s one-time offer feature (which is achieved by setting a hard limit on the number of offer views the player will see), the Fuse platform now supports dynamic offer expiry, allowing you to set up offer expiry times that are unique for every player. This means that your player base can be presented with an IAP or virtual good offer that expires after a set amount of time following the initial view. These offers are accompanied with a countdown timer that will tick away the seconds, minutes, hours, and days remaining, letting the player know just how much time they have before the offer is gone (for good)!

Dynamic offer expiry is backwards compatible (supported in Fuse SDK v2.2 and higher) and available to use now in the Fuse dashboard. To get started with offers for time-sensitive deals that can’t be missed, click here to login or signup for a new account today.

Ben Huxley
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