3 Key Elements to Creating our Positive Culture at Fuse Powered


These three things might seem a little random when you think of our mobile gaming business here at Fuse, however they all represent significant components of our fun, hard working, and intelligent team culture.

    DIY Ice Cream Sundae’s
    At Fuse, we joke that being a foodie should be a requirement to work here – we all love food. Whether it’s a pop up DIY ice cream sundae bar, a potluck lunch, or going to a favourite King West restaurant – we love our team events!

    Team socials are a key component of our culture at Fuse. We are one big team and in order to strengthen our relationships and be successful, having fun and casual time together is necessary. Favourites include going to the Blue Jays games, being the largest delivery order at Momofuku for a team lunch, or holding an auction to raise money for a local Toronto charity. Teamwork is essential and inherent in most work environments so it is necessary to have casual, fun, and memorable time with your teammates so that your 8-4, 9-5, or 10-6 (yes we have flex hours) includes some play, and not all work.

      Education @ Lunch
      AKA, “Lunch & Learns”

      Lunch & Learns can take on many different forms and structures – we have had L&L presentations from each team where they communicated what they were working on and what their priorities were, as well as presentations on topics of interest by expert Fuser’s passionate about what they do. As an organization, we are passionate about learning & education, which is why on top of our Lunch & Learns we also have our Level Up Fund to reimburse employees up to a certain amount for any qualified university, college, or recognized course that relates to their job and role at Fuse. We invest in our Fuser’s education and are fortunate to have so many intelligent and hard-working superstars on our team. If your organization also identifies as a learning organization, Lunch & Learns are a great way to not only have convenient educational opportunities for your employees using in-house subject matter expert’s, but also to give those SME’s an opportunity to develop their own presentation and teaching skills. It’s win-win for everyone if you ask me. We also offer snacks, so make that a win-win-win!

        Treadmills & Apples
        Investing in the health of our Fuser’s is key to our culture just as much as investing in education is. It is proven that investments in employee wellness generate an ROI, whether it relates to decreased absences or increased engagement, among other benefits. At Fuse, we have a treadmill desk for those looking to reach their simultaneous goals of 10,000 steps for their FitBit and launching our next SDK, and we have readily available apples to get your daily dose of Vitamin C, which in the Fall are handpicked by our wonderful Office Manager. On top of that, we have healthy snacks for those of us who need that mid-afternoon pick me up (or who crave a bit of salt like me). We also have our Activate Fund for employees to spend on any fitness membership, classes, training, equipment, and/or accessories. You might think our Ice Cream Sundae socials are contradictory to this, but as the saying goes, everything is ok in moderation!


        Team events, education, and health are a few of the things we focus on at Fuse to create and cultivate our culture. If you want to join our awesome team, check out our careers page!

        Stephanie Stevens