Fuse SDK v2.3 is Now Available For iOS, Android, and Unity!


New Features

    iOS 9 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow Support

    SDK 2.3 comes with big updates for both iOS 9 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow support. Check out our wiki for more details!

      Custom Offer Metadata

      This feature allows you to send custom variables to your app along with an IAP or Virtual Good Offer. These variables will be sent as a parameter called ‘metadata’ and can be used to control various in-game events such as hidden content or data specific to the offer. You can administer offer metadata in the dashboard at the target level, allowing you to customize offer content for each target.

        Custom Call to Action for Rewarded Video Campaigns

        If you’re using Fuse to manage your own cross-promo and direct deal campaigns, you’ll notice we recently added non-rewarded and rewarded video formats. You can customize the button text on the end-card, displayed after the video is completed.

          Bug Fixes and Notes

          We’ve made lots of ad provider updates, including bug fixes and adding additional providers to help your app make the most revenue!

          For Android, video cross-promo and direct deals are only supported in SDK v2.3+. For iOS, video cross-promo and direct deals are supported in SDK v2.2+.

            Visit Fuse’s GitHub to update today!

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            • Mark Hetherington

              Unity update does not appear on GitHub. It is still 2 months old and version

              • Diana Aquino

                Hi Mark! The latest Unity update is now on GitHub.

              • Diana Aquino

                Hi Mark, the latest Unity update is now on GitHub.