Customize all IAP and Virtual Good Offer Targets with Custom Offer Metadata


Custom offer metadata gives publishers more control over how their game can look and feel for their players who are seeing highly targeted in-app purchase and virtual good offers. Where as the offer for a specially priced IAP or in-game item represents just one facet of the experience for the player, Fuse’s custom offer metadata feature allows for the entire game experience to be highly customized based on the presence of an offer.

    Using Fuse’s player segmentation engine, very specific IAP or virtual good offer content can be targeted to players, and it’s now possible to send a custom payload of data to the game along with the offer itself. For example, you can send a JSON array of data that signals to the game what modifications should be made to the in-game store, like revealing hidden IAPs, or adding a big “SALE” badge to a store item.

      The metadata parameter can be accessed at any time using Fuse SDK methods that return an IAP or virtual good info object. This makes it easy to set up user-interface changes the moment the Fuse session is started, well in advance of your players’ accessing the pages themselves.

        The custom metadata feature is available now in the Fuse dashboard for all IAP and virtual good offer targets. Sign up for an account, and get started today.

          Check out the complete list of new features in the Fuse SDK v2.3.

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