Cross Promo and Direct Deal Video Campaigns


Fuse’s campaign manager makes it easy to build image-based non-rewarded cross promo or direct deal campaigns that can serve within your apps. Now it’s easy to do the same with video ads, and make them part of your rewarded video solution as well*, all completely free.

We offer support for high-definition videos up to 30 seconds long that can either be uploaded to our own media servers, or we can support both VAST tags and XML. Video campaigns work the same way as image-based campaigns do in the Fuse dashboard, giving you complete control over what campaigns you run, in whatever zone you want. Cross promo and direct deal data, like impressions, clicks, etc., can be viewed by media type (video or static) and content type (rewarded or non-rewarded), or simply choose to have data reported per campaign.

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* Cross promo and direct deal video rewards are issued for a completed view, and do not require the user to install the promoted app.

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