Mobile Monetization – In Four Simple Steps


    1. Identify and Segment Users

    Fuse’s sophisticated segmentation engine allows you to segment your users based on more than 130 unique criteria. You can record and store unique values such as spending behaviour, progress, levels completed, number of virtual good items purchased, and time spent in the game – just to name a few. By collecting segmentation data as early as possible, you’ll equip yourself with a strong foundation of data that can be leveraged in later initiatives.

    Learn more about the 115+ criteria Fuse tracks in your real-time dashboard.

      2. Strategically Position Ads

      Find a point in the user flow where players are most likely to interact with an ad. Generally, the 3 best places are at the session start, when a player is out of energy, and when a player leaves the IAP store without making a purchase. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of multiple placements throughout the gameplay in order to increase visibility.

      Learn more about the 3 best places to show an ad.

        3. Design a Dynamic Offer System

        By paying close attention to your players’ behaviors and tracking them in the Fuse dashboard, you will be able to craft personalized offers that they actually want to see. For instance, if your players haven’t converted yet, it doesn’t make sense to offer them the most expensive product pack. Instead, you can target this group with an entry-level offer pack that contains items necessary for game progression. As players evolve in the game, you will find opportunities to increase the price of the pack in order to increase your ARPPU.

          4. Monitor and Adjust in Real-Time

          No game is the same, and sometimes the first strategy you implement will not be successful. In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to monitor and make adjustments in real-time. For instance, if players are starting to leave your game earlier than you anticipated, adjust your offer strategy to be time-sensitive and more aggressive. Making real-time adjustments like this will ensure you are taking every opportunity to monetize your players.

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