Development Platform Support


It’s challenging to find third-party plugins that can handle features you may not have the inclination or resources to build yourself. There are point-solutions available that solve common problems, but not necessarily for the development platform you’re working with.

Fuse is a complete solution that offers support for rewarded video ads, push notification systems, in-app purchase tracking, player segmentation, and much more. We have dedicated our resources to building Fuse SDKs and plugins for the most popular platforms and frameworks available. Looking for a Unity plugin to track in-app purchases? Or a managed ad solution for Adobe AIR? Each flavor of the Fuse SDK is feature-complete and supports all iOS and Android versions.

The Fuse SDK is available now for:

– Native iOS and Native Android (the native SDKs support Cocos2D and Monkey as well)
Corona SDK
Adobe AIR


You can find all of our SDKs on GitHub. To access instructions on integration and feature use, please visit the Fuse Powered Wiki.

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