Aspect Ratio Support


Aspect Ratio Support

For advertisers looking to market their products to mobile users, it’s never been particularly easy to find good support for full-screen interstitial ad creatives across a wide variety of aspect ratios and pixel dimensions. No one wants a poorly resized image to show up on a retina iPad where the flaws are most obvious, or a massive hi-res image to slowly load on an older iPod.

Fuse offers a convenient image upload tool that makes uploading and optimizing creatives easy and fast. With one click, pick the files you want to upload, and the dashboard will figure out which aspect ratio and orientation they belong to, and confirm that they’re good to go. Your hi-res images are then automatically resized and optimized to suit the device they get served to from our lightning-fast CDN. This all happens behind the scenes without any additional development or administration required.

Fuse supports the aspect ratios used by the majority of the world’s iOS and Android devices, including ultra hi-res retina displays for the best resolution possible. Your creatives will load fast and look great for your cross promos, direct deals, in-app purchases, and virtual good offers.

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