AdRally, the Next Generation of Ad Mediation


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      AdRally is a lot like mediation, only better! AdRally takes all the headaches and hassle out of mediating multiple ad networks and takes care of maximizing ad revenue for you.

      AdRally is a rigorously vetted and tested collection of top-performing ad networks and exchanges, all rolled into one powerful SDK. Leveraging our proprietary automated logic, AdRally maximizes your fill rate and increases monetization by optimizing multiple networks to ensure you secure the highest paying ad to fill your valuable space, in every country, every day.

      “AdRally is the next level of mediation for publishers. Our team and technology take all the headaches out of trying to mediate and manage multiple ad networks to maximize ad revenue. We work with a vigorously vetted collection of the industry’s top performers that include AdColony, AppLovin, Unity Ads and MoPub, all rolled into a single SDK that we optimize in every region, every day. The bottom line is more ad revenue with far less hassle for publishers.” – Jon Walsh, CEO, Fuse Powered.

      Diana Aquino
      Creator, Problem Solver, Professional Shopper.

      Contact her on Twitter @diana__aquino
      • Muhammad Faisal Zaheer


        Do you guys have any plans in future for integrating Vungle and Chartboost sdks as well in Adobe air plugin ?