New User Segmentation Criteria



The Fuse segmentation engine lets publishers leverage over 115 different segment criteria. That’s more than 115 ways to segment your player base and take action! In May, we released 41 new criteria in the following categories: Ads, Usage, Offers, Virtual Goods, Gender, and Birthdate. We also added custom criteria, which let you track up to 20 custom events. Here are some of the shiny new criteria waiting in the Fuse dashboard:



With our new ad metrics criteria, you can see how many rewarded videos your users are completing, the number of non-rewarded ads seen, and the date the last rewarded or non-rewarded ad was seen.



Minute of install – Ever wanted to make a random segment? Use minute of install to get a random 1/60th of your player base.


Virtual Goods

With SDK v2.1, you can track virtual good purchases within your app! When, what, and how many virtual goods are your players buying? Once you hook up virtual good tracking, you’ll be able to answer these questions.



If you’re running IAP or Virtual Good offers, now you can create segments based on the number of offers a player has accepted, how many they’ve rejected, or target players who have recently seen a specific offer.


Parental Consent, Gender, Age

Age, birthdate, and gender provide more visibility into the demographics of your player base. Be sure to integrate the appropriate SDK calls.



Custom events can be used to track anything you want! Fuse allows you to track up to 20 custom criteria. We also track when the custom criteria was last updated for the player. Some great use cases have been player scores and number of Facebook friends.


Once integrated, Fuse has out of the box segments to get you started analyzing your payers vs. non-payers. You can create as many segments as you want and analyze their data in real-time. With Fuse, you can segment, analyze, and take action all in the Fuse dashboard.

You can engage and target any segment with unique content to optimize your revenue. Here are a couple ways to deliver the right experience to the right player, at the right time:

  • A player logs in for the first time in 3 months. Offer them a “Welcome back!” discount on an IAP.
  • Alert your whales about the start time of today’s currency sale with a targeted local time push notification.
  • When players make a virtual good purchase of currency, send them an offer for an irresistible IAP.
  • Tempt players to watch a rewarded video by offering a reward tailored to them.

For help setting up segments, contact your account manager or consult the Fuse Powered wiki.

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