Custom Events In Player Segments


A powerful feature offered by Fuse is the player segmentation system. In fact, every monetization and retention tool offered by Fuse takes full advantage of the ability to dynamically organize players into groups based on shared play behaviors (i.e. segments), all in real-time. While creating segments based on common events (such as in-app purchases) is good, creating custom events is better. Using custom events can have a big impact on the success of player engagement and monetization.

Take, for example, a game where players mercilessly engage in tank warfare, with the winner often commandeering the more powerful equipment. If the blue tank beats the red tank, surely the player with the red tank will want to upgrade to blue (or better). A custom event can be created at this point, where the tank being used in each battle can be tracked for each player. At the end of a battle, Fuse’s dynamic offer system can kick into gear. The losing player will receive an offer for the currency necessary to buy the better tank, and ultimately assure their victory.

Fuse’s custom events for player segments are intended to fully support the unique nature of your game. You can track integers or strings, rename events to suit your needs, and compare event-based segments to know exactly what your players are up to. When used alongside the countless other segment criteria available, custom events for player segments open new opportunities to give your players what they want, exactly when they need it.

Ben Huxley
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