AdRally Rewarded Video Verification


Offering players rewards for watching video ads has become a massively popular way to generate ad revenue in mobile games. But – what happens when players try to cheat the system? Despite the fact that most games offer small amounts of premium currency for watching a video (or other similar items), there are players out there who trick the app into thinking a video has been watched in full when in fact it hasn’t.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent this type of fraud. Fuse offers a secure server-to-server connection that can be used to send the reward information and the player ID to a publisher’s server once the video has been completed on the device. The completion event is securely transmitted from the device to Fuse. In addition, the reward is issued completely outside of the game itself. Therefore, it completely eliminates the ability to trick the game into giving the reward.

The AdRally rewarded video verification system works with ALL rewarded video ad networks that are included in AdRally. This, combined with Fuse’s custom player ID feature, which allows the publisher’s own player ID to be tracked as opposed to a more generic ID, makes the AdRally rewarded video verification service among the best in the business.

Ben Huxley
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