ARPDAU Surges 78% with AdRally Rewarded Video


Key Take-Aways

  • Adding rewarded video increased overall average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) by 78%, without negatively impacting IAP revenue
  • From a single AdRally SDK integration, all the leading rewarded video ad networks and exchanges were accessed
  • Overall ARPDAU increased 2.8 cents to 5.1 cents with the addition of AdRally’s rewarded video
  • AdRally’s rewarded video now generates 44% of overall revenue
Case Study Bar Graph



A leading development studio wanted to increase overall ARPDAU by integrating rewarded video into the game play of one of their hit mobile games. Their objective was to add a secondary revenue stream without compromising the player experience and risking IAP revenue.  The development team had limited time and few resources to integrate and manage multiple SDKs, ad waterfalls and blacklisting.


The studio integrated AdRally, gaining access to the world’s top mobile ad networks and exchanges, from a single, easy to integrate, SDK. Fuse’s partner growth team supported the integration with a customized placement recommendation guide and integration expertise.  Fuse’s ad ops team managed all the behind the scenes network set-up and managed a universal blacklist on the studio’s behalf.


AdRally’s automated rewarded video optimization increased overall ARPDAU 78%, from an average of 2.8 cents to over 5.1 cents, without any decrease in IAP revenue or overall player retention metrics. AdRally’s rewarded video now generates over 40% of overall revenue in the game with all ad optimization, network management and blacklisting handled externally by the Fuse team.


AdRally takes all the headaches and hassle out of mediating multiple ad networks and takes care of maximizing ad revenue for you.


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