5 Blogs Every Mobile F2P Pro Should Read


With over 350 new games submitted to the App Store every day, keeping up with the latest in mobile gaming can be challenging. Here are a few of the best online publications that will keep you on the cutting edge of what’s new and exciting in mobile F2P business and design.



Sister site to the consumer geared Pocketgamer.co.uk, PocketGamer.biz provides news and resources aimed at mobile gaming professionals. Our CEO Jon Walsh is a regular contributor to their Mobile Mavens panel, alongside some of the brightest minds in mobile, to discuss emerging trends. Keeping up with their business-minded content will ensure that you’re up to date on who’s succeeding in mobile, and how you can do the same.


Touch Arcade

Game designers need to play as many games as possible, and with over 350 new games being submitted to the App Store every day, you’ll need a good filter to make sure you’re playing what matters most. We love Touch Arcade’s coverage of the mobile gaming space. They pick apart major hits and manage to dig up hidden gems. Their forums are also a favorite among developers of all sizes, placing them on the cutting edge of what’s new and exciting in the App Store.


Ramin Shokrizade – Gamasutra Blog

Ramin has covered everything from monetizing children to what he calls “game dosing”. His articles have accrued hundreds of impassioned comments and sparked lengthy debates over F2P ethics. However controversial, his collected works serve as a master-class in F2P design and should be considered required reading by anyone looking to compete in the space. At the time of writing, he is employed by Wargaming America, putting his extensive education to work as their full-time economist.


Games Brief

Nicholas Lovell has been a vocal thought leader in mobile for years, and GamesBrief is where he’s shared most of his work. A former investment banker turned author and F2P consultant, his book “The Curve” neatly articulates how to make money in a market where everything is free. Though posts have become less frequent, the site still serves as a repository for valuable F2P resources. His talk at TEDxBrum offers a 15 minute summary of not only the direction games are heading, but all media.



For knowledgeable insights straight from the trenches of mobile publishing, it’s hard to do better than Adam Telfer and Ed Biden’s mobilefreetoplay.com. Telfer is a Canadian producer and designer, and Biden is a product lead, both working at Wooga at the time of writing. Every post is geared towards understanding and succeeding in the mobile free to play space, covering everything from business to controls to design analysis.

What other blogs or resources have you found useful when learning how to build better F2P games? Let us know in the comments below!

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Evan Fradley-Pereira
Marketing Manager at Fuse Powered
Evan is an award-winning game designer, prolific blogger, and an adequate Hearthstone player.
He creates podcasts, videos, and articles that help people make better games.

You can contact him on Twitter at @fp_evan
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