Podcast Ep. 1 – Outerminds And The Launch Of Tadpole Tap

Tadpole Tap

In our very first instalment of the Fuse Powered Podcast, we sit down to talk with Guiz de Pessemier, community manager for Outerminds, about the launch of Tadpole Tap.

Guiz filled us in on the different kinds of feature support they’ve received and how many downloads the game has gotten as a result, as well as how much of the resulting revenue has been generated between IAPs and rewarded video ads.

We also got to hear about what’s next for Outerminds and their plans to work with legendary YouTuber PewDiePie on their next project.

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Evan Fradley-Pereira
Marketing Manager at Fuse Powered
Evan is an award-winning game designer, prolific blogger, and an adequate Hearthstone player.
He creates podcasts, videos, and articles that help people make better games.

You can contact him on Twitter at @fp_evan
  • Adil Razvi

    Great Job Evan, loved the conversation.

  • Nicole Agg

    Very cool – great job Evan!!

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    This is awesome.