A Beginner’s Guide To IAP Offers


Publishers have been able to affect drastic changes in revenue by taking an active role in the virtual marketing that goes on in their games. The most resourceful have been able to win out over their competitors by applying real-world marketing strategies like sales funnels and promotions in their virtual spaces.

Many of these strategies are typically derived from a basic offer, where a player’s attention is intentionally directed towards an IAP. Since most publishers that use offers have had to build their own solutions, they all tend to have their own look and feel, but here are a few of the most common IAP offers and how they work.

Basic IAP Offers

Crossy Road Basic Offer

Anytime you draw your player’s attention to something that you have for sale outside of your storefront, you’re giving them a basic IAP offer. Basic offers serve to keep your players informed as to what you have for sale and move players through the earliest stages of your virtual sales funnel. They don’t require any additional setup with Google Play or iTunes Connect, since there are no discounts involved, and they perform best early in progression. Fewer players will convert on basic offers, but make sure you’re tracking the ones who do. They’re the ones who immediately saw value in your game and will likely continue to be loyal customers as they progress through your content.


Iron Force Sales

Discounting your IAPs is an excellent way to stimulate spending in your game, as long as you don’t overdo it. In order to take advantage of extra leisure time, successful publishers run their promotional sales over weekends, holidays and special occasions. Note that some additional setup is required in iTunes Connect or Google Play in order to alter the prices for all players. For player-centric strategies that target specific segments, duplicate products will have to be registered with different price points that can then be included in your offers.



By bundling multiple purchases together and offering them at a discount, publishers offer greater value and encourage the right type of engagement at the right time. Bundles are most effective when they provide the player with everything they need to progress through content, ideally to the point that they are given another offer. The challenge with bundles is making sure to not cannibalize lifetime value for the sake of conversion. Monitor the LTV of players who do convert on your bundles as well as those who don’t. A quick comparison will tell you whether or not you should rework the contents of your bundle, or remove it entirely.


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Evan Fradley-Pereira
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