Fuse Powered Featured on Venture Beat


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Fuse Powered CEO Jon Walsh sat down with Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat to discuss how Fuse intends to change the mobile gaming industry for the better with its new player-centric monetization engine.

“There’s a lot of money being left on the table by mobile-game publishers,” Walsh said. “A few companies can do this. We are excited about bringing this technology to the rest of the industry. It democratizes monetization, and it’s a game changer.”

Read the full article on Venture Beat.

Evan Fradley-Pereira
Marketing Manager at Fuse Powered
Evan is an award-winning game designer, prolific blogger, and an adequate Hearthstone player.
He creates podcasts, videos, and articles that help people make better games.

You can contact him on Twitter at @fp_evan