Segmentation Strategies


Chris, Evan and Rhett take a closer look at segmentation strategies for different game genres:

Q: Before implementing effective marketing strategies in your game, users need to be segmented. What are some basic segmentation strategies you would recommend for different game genres?


In mobile strategy games like Clash of Clans, the two parts of the primary feedback loop are building and combat. Measure engagement in both activities and segment your entire player base depending on what players engage with more. This provides a basic, actionable data set that can be leveraged in smaller monetization campaigns. It also keeps you capable of reacting quickly and effectively to any unexpected spikes in traffic.


I always like to create user segments based on a player’s first IAP, no matter the genre. Knowing how a player behaves after purchasing one IAP or another is very helpful in determining future marketing strategies.


I like to start by segmenting users by activity level. The timeframes should be adjusted for the game type and mechanics but the concept is fairly universal across genres. This leaves the door open to start targeting these users and creating additional marketing strategies to increase activity in all segments.

Q: What are some more advanced segmentation strategies for these same genres?


Once you have your top level segments defined, drill down in search of more information. For example, builders who spend more resources on superficial items would be excellent candidates for more sophisticated marketing campaigns. Make sure to track your results in order to determine whether or not the extra time spent is providing a reasonable ROI. If it’s not, you might want to reconsider your segmentation strategy.


Connecting player progression to IAPs will improve your understanding of the game’s economy. Why are players buying more of a certain IAP at level one, and more of another at level three? This data can point to holes in your economy or highlight a moment in game flow where you are doing something right.


Once you feel comfortable in your continued engagement/retention strategies you can start drilling down into things like how and when are users monetizing (by level converted/amount spent/frequency spent/etc.) Create consumer profiles and leverage those for your marketing campaigns.




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