AdRally Integrates mNectar



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We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated mNectar as an AdRally mediation partner. mNectar’s innovative playable ads will join the more than 30 other mediated ad partners already operating in the AdRally network.

mNectar is an industry leader in engaging, interactive ads that provide a fresh take on app discovery.  Their unique ad format allows customers to try mobile apps and games before downloading.

“Our Playable ads let users explore new apps directly within the ad.” mNectar’s CRO and co-founder, Daniel Cheng explained, “It’s the natural evolution of mobile advertising. Playable mobile ads are fun and engaging. As a result, publishers see higher CPMs.”

At Fuse Powered, we’re dedicated to giving mobile publishers the best ad serving experience possible, while allowing them to effectively manage and monetize their mobile games and apps. Fuse Powered CEO Jon Walsh explained, “Integrating with mNectar, players benefit by getting a playable ad they enjoy interacting with and that lets them discover more content they’ll like.”

mNectar will be available as one of many new ad networks integrated into the upcoming Fuse SDK 1.38 release.

For more information on the integration, visit mNectar’s website:

Evan Fradley-Pereira
Marketing Manager at Fuse Powered
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