AdRally 1.37 SDK Release


We’ve just released AdRally 1.37. We’re introducing some great new features and added a lot behind the scenes, resulting in even better global ad performance.

Here’s what’s new:

We’ve added strong, new ad networks to AdRally

You get access to even more high performing ads. Plus, once you update to the 1.37 SDK, as new ad networks are added, they will be automatically added to your mediation with no further SDK update required.

Mediated rewarded video is live

Mediated rewarded video is now open to all our partners. Implementation is easy: create an ad zone in your game and assign the space to rewarded videos. AdRally will mediate, optimize and fill the ad space from the top performing rewarded video networks, worldwide.

We’ve added fill rate tracking

You can now track fill rates by title or by network.

We’ve improved iOS 8 support for third party ad SDKs

Every network within our SDK is up to date and contributing to improved performance.

Diana Aquino
Creator, Problem Solver, Professional Shopper.

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