Case Study: BigBit IAP sale drives revenue and conversion for Race Team Manager


Goal: Promote a discount and virtual currency pack to upsell existing paying players.

Tactics: In the first IAP Sale for Race Team Manager, the Large Cash Pack was offered at 50% off, promoted by push notifications. The sale ran over a single weekend. A massive 3,955,506 push notifications were sent on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and a last chance message sent out on Sunday evening. Messages were timed to correspond with the peak in session activity.

Results: The IAP sale successfully improved IAP revenue and conversion. The Large Cash Pack IAP was the top revenue earner, reversing the downward trends in both IAPs and conversions. The Large Cash Pack discount was also well received by existing paying players: revenue per 1000 DAU showed a substantial increase.


1-DownwardTrend Chart




Impact on Revenue: Spikes in hourly active traffic for the US when the push messages were sent.


The Large Cash Pack IAP was the top revenue earner for BigBit for Saturday and Sunday.


Conversions per 1000 DAU show an uptick for Saturday and Sunday, and reverse the downward trend.


Normalized IAP revenue (per 1000 DAU) shows a substantial increase, further indicating that the sale was well received by existing paying players.


Impact on Retention: For existing paying players, 1D, 3D, and 7D retention stats all increased day over day. This shows the effectiveness of the push notification campaign, and that the Large Cash Pack discount resonated with these players.

7-Impact on Retention

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