Demand Side Partners

Top Demand Side Partners

AdRally is a rigorously vetted and tested collection of top-performing ad networks and exchanges, all rolled into one powerful SDK.

Leveraging our proprietary automated logic, AdRally maximizes your fill rate and increases monetization by optimizing multiple networks to ensure you secure the highest paying ad to fill your valuable space, in every country, every day.

Premium Ad Formats

Fuse only works with premium ad formats, so players that see ads are guaranteed a great experience. Fuse supports:

  • Rewarded video - maximize revenue and engagement
  • Full-screen video - beautiful ads that don't annoy players
  • Rich media - interactive and emerging formats
  • Static interstitials - the workhorse of the mobile ad world

Control frequency and target segments in real-time directly within the Fuse dashboard to optimize your strategy.


AdRally Optimization

Our hybrid system uses three layers of optimization to get you the most value out of every impression:

  • Ranking Algorithms - AdRally compares your last 7 days of in-game ad data from every country and awards impressions to the network or marketplace that performs best.
  • Discovery Testing - AdRally automatically uses a small percentage of impressions for testing new networks and marketplaces and moves the best performers to the top of your waterfall.
  • Network Management - We’re on the phone daily with our mediated ad partners so that we can be the first to know about changes in their campaign lineups. This lets us manually prioritize up-and-coming networks while other fully-automated solutions are still catching up.

Set It and Forget It

AdRally is similar to mediation, only better. AdRally is a collection of top-performing ad networks and exchanges, all rolled into one powerful SDK. See how the two compare.

AdRally pays you more money with less hassle so you can focus your time on building great games.

AdRally Mediation
One integration
One optimized ad waterfall
One blacklist
One update schedule
One dedicated growth consultant
One point of contact
One revenue sharing agreement
One payment schedule

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