The Fuse Player-Centric Platform

Maximize Revenue by Giving Every Player
an Optimal Experience



Identify players in real-time by behavior, purchases or custom criteria

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Encourage play, stimulate your economy and bring players back



Deliver targeted IAP offers and ads from leading ad networks around the world

Our Publishers

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Shaun Rutland

Shaun Rutland

Founder, Hutch

"Fuse is a rare example of an excellent and fair partner in the murky world of ad monetization. I no longer worry about diverting engineers to integrate the next hot ad SDK."

Grant Dean

Grant Dean

Head of Top Gear Games, BBC Worldwide

"Fuse is a valued virtual addition to our team, helping us manage players, increase revenue and improve engagement with fans of our games."

Travis Rutherford

Travis J. Rutherford

President, Evolution USA

"Delivering sustainable revenue is core to the success of Dumb Ways to Die. When we replaced various independent ad networks with AdRally, revenue instantly increased by over 300%."

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The Fuse Player-Centric Platform

Maximize revenue by giving every player an optimal experience.

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